Early Career Program

SMiRT 25 will continue the early career program.  The objective of the program is to encourage and provide opportunities for young and early career professionals to participate in SMiRT conferences,  and to create an enriching environment for them during the conference. Professionals will be considered eligible for “Early Career” programs if they earned a Bachelor’s degree within 10 years of August 2019.

The program will build on activities from past conferences, and engagement and ideas from early career professionals.

Social Reception for Young and Early Career Participants. We are currently seeking sponsors for an ice-breaker that is expected to be held before the Welcome Reception on Sunday. SMiRT conferences have built a strong community over the last 48 years.  The social reception for young and early career participants provides an opportunity to meet other young people and begin their immersion into the SMiRT community in a friendly, welcoming environment. It also provides an opportunity to meet office bearers in the conference and the International Association of SMiRT who are available to help new attendees throughout the conference.

Hour with an expert. This program sets up 1-hour meetings between an expert in the field and up to 10 early career participants. The group discussions often include topics such as the future of the field, insights into current issues for the industry, the expert’s own career and how they broke into the field as a young person, advice for young people, etc.  The idea is NOT to discuss technical issues faced by participants in their own work and get a 1-on-1 consultation. We hope to have at least 4 sessions during the conference.

Early Career Paper Competition. This element of the program is just as it sounds. In the past, the competition came with a cash award. We are still deciding what to do this time around and may add some kind of pre-conference competition.